The Virgo sign surrounded by stars

Virgo Horoscope - Saturday, December 19, 2020: Practice what you preach

You will have to choose between what your mind tells you and what your heart feels


Your love life will be relaxed, Virgo. You and your partner will agree when it comes to your ethics and wishes and you know how to balance your professional and family life.

Some natives will believe that their married life needs some warmth. Love is there but it could be manifested more often. If this is your case, why don’t you start showing some love instead of blaming it on your partner?

Those who are single will have a dilemma between what they want and what they feel. The person you really like doesn’t seem to match your world and on the other hand, the person who loves you feels boring and empty to you.

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You will be a true contradiction at work today. You will change your mind very quickly and nothing seems to fulfill you. However, if you’re not about to say anything useful, you’d better keep your comments to yourself: don’t generate new problems.

Your job can bring you a lot of satisfaction but you have to be careful if you want to match your professional environment – and be particularly nice to someone who wants to have your position or conditions. Jealousy is a dagger and someone might try to stab you.

You need to be careful with your belongings today – especially in crowded spaces. A lot of dangerous pickpockets roam the streets these days and Virgo is one of their favourite victims.


You need to exercise if you want to be more flexible. You want to be able to bend down and pick things from the floor effortlessly for a long time.

You can start imposing yourself a certain workout routine that lets you be more agile if you’re feeling a bit rusty. As for your diet,  collagen can help your joints be more flexible.

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