Virgo Horoscope Saturday 2020

Virgo Horoscope - Saturday, July 18, 2020: You will feel attracted to a foreigner person

You have many chances to achieve success in your career even when the circumstances are complex and unexpected


This Saturday will be the best day to get revenge for that love story that went wrong. However, your common sense will tell you that paying back in the same coin won’t give you true happiness. In the end, it would only make you feel guilty.

It will definitely be a complicated day in terms of love. Stable relationships will see how a third person approaches you with the intention to destroy what is yours. You will have to be faster and smarter. Consolidate your bond and make it stronger.

If you’re a single Virgo, Venus will make you feel attracted by someone from abroad. You will consider studying languages again, even if it’s just to communicate better with that person who has entered your life with so much energy.

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Are you looking for a job? There are many companies that close on Saturday but this shouldn’t stop you from taking action. Send your CV by email because maybe they will open it first thing on Monday morning.

Virgo, you have many chances to achieve success in your career, even when the circumstances are complex and unexpected. Many of your direct competitors will be impressed by your progress today.

Your savings techniques seem to be working. You will be able to set a budget and multiply your resources. Remember that controlling your electricity and water bills will make a very big difference.


You feel powerful and ready to fight for what you want. You are full of life and energy and you will be capable of doing things that you used to turn down  just because they meant making a great effort: moving, a renovation, tidying…etc.

Take care of your feet, Virgo. Remember to put moisturizer and don’t use these shoes that make your feet hurt. No matter how beautiful they are, you need comfortable footwear.