The Virgo sign

Virgo Horoscope - Monday, January 18, 2021: Use all your skills wisely

Play your hand skillfully to benefit your career and don't be too greedy


Virgo, you will feel like you're living in Eden, like Adam and Eve at the beginning of times. You will be smart enough to say no to temptation because you know this would only ruin your current happiness.

If you're married, you will have the feeling that the world is just made for the two of you and nobody else – even if you've been through some complicated times together.

If you're single, you will see that love life isn't something dead and rigid. You will check your standards and you will try your best to turn this day into something fun and spicy. Don't think about what others could say!

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The labour market is moving and you will take advantage of your particular vision of business in order to find out where you can make money and what field you should avoid.

You will receive news about changes in your timetable or your relationship with your workmates. The Stars will be by your side and this Monday should be a pretty positive day for you.

Take advantage of all your skills, Virgo. Play with hand with talent and don't be too greedy. If a relative calls your door and asks for some money, you will have to think about it carefully.


You will be privileged to see how the health of those around you improves. You will be infected with their will to live and your energy will be renewed.

Develop your spirituality, Virgo. Get to know yourself better and dig deep into your soul and the parts of you that don't usually go to the surface. Don't be embarrassed about who you are. If someone doesn't like you, then they should stay away from your life.

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