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Virgo Horoscope - Friday, December 18, 2020: Your routine doesn't want to leave you

You will become the victim of certain lies but you already know that the truth always comes to light


Your love life includes a lot of routine and monotony, Virgo. This can ruin many romantic moments in your life.

However, don’t blame your partner for it, Virgo. You are the one who rejects many social plans just to stay warm at home with a film. Haven’t you thought of all the beautiful adventures you might be missing on?

Single Virgo, you need to look deep into your heart and find again the will to meet a pure love. Don’t let the relationships you’ve had in the past mark your future. If you’ve just finished a relationship, you shouldn’t forget that broken hearts can be mended.

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Your workplace can become a battlefield today. However, you won’t be part of these battles and you will just have a secondary role. You will let others fight if that’s what they want. Don’t worry if you’re the victim of certain lies because you know that the truth always comes to light.

Don’t worry about your economy either. Your income isn’t at risk for the moment: things will continue the same. Just be careful with your expenses because you tend to like luxury and sophistication – especially during the weekend.


The stress caused by a hectic life can make you lose track of time – and you might be a bit confused at some point. However, don’t oversleep even if you feel tired.

You need to stay away from your phone and social networks. They might get you closer to those who aren’t with you, but at the same time, they can become a wall between you and those who are right in front of you.

Sometimes, you can check your phone more than you look someone else in the eyes during a conversation and this is something you want to change.

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