Virgo Horoscope Saturday 2020

Virgo Horoscope - Saturday, October 17, 2020: Be honest with your partner

You know that if you make just a little effort, your communication problems will be easily solved


You need to be honest with your partner, Virgo. Don’t hide any trick and don’t try to tell half-truths. There’s just no point in doing things behind their back. Deep inside you know you want to be straightforward so dare to speak the truth and don’t keep anything to yourself. It will just be counterproductive.

You will feel loved today. Things aren’t really as complicated as they seem in your mind. You know that if you make just a little effort, your communication problems will be easily solved.

Single Virgo, you won’t be that lucky today, though. You will have it difficult to ask that special person out. Even if they finally accept your invitation, you shouldn’t be that surprised if you’re stood up.

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You will have an inner debate regarding some issues related to your job. Some workmates aren’t playing fair and you don’t know if it’s worth exposing them or waiting for time to uncover everything.

You will ask yourself many questions today but you shouldn’t let these thoughts make you lose focus on what’s really important. Time flies, Virgo, and the day will be over before you even realize.

Don’t be afraid to challenge those who have more experience than you. We all know that biblical story where David beat Goliath the giant with just a stone.

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You need to stay away from family and work commitments this weekend. Unwind a little bit, delegate the duties you can, and find some peace away from noise and pollution.

Light some incense or rosemary at home – it will help you get rid of negative energies. If you’ve never meditated before, today is a good day to give it a try! Just look for some guides or tutorials online and get started!