Virgo Wednesday on a sky background

Virgo Horoscope - Wednesday, March 17, 2021: Try to be warmer and more loving

No matter how complicated a situation can get: you will always learn something positive from it


Virgo, you should try to let your parents, friends, and partner know how much you love them. Time passes quickly and the future is uncertain.

Give some warmth to your relationship. After so long together you may have grown used to each other and you've got too comfortable. Show your feelings with honesty because you know that in the end, you will receive the same love back  – or maybe even more!

Virgo, you don't mind if your last conquest hasn't been reciprocal. You know that no matter how complicated a situation gets, you always get something positive from it. That's why now you want to begin a new journey in your life and you will do it with a smile.

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It's easy to gossip about workmates and criticize others – especially if someone else pushes you to do it. However, today you should avoid these types of comments and only stick to kind words – or silence if you have nothing positive to say.

Some of your comments might be taken out of context and cause a war that could end up escalating and having very bad consequences. Your words could offend someone profoundly or in the worst-case scenario you could even get fired.

A problem with your car could end up making you spend a lot of money. You will be grateful for your efforts in the past. You know that saving money is worth it when you have to face situations like this one.


You will particularly benefit from water sports, Virgo. If the weather is good, why don't you go for a swim in the sea or lake? Or if you have access to a swimming pool, start going more often!

Of course,  if you have the chance to go to a spa and get a massage, you should definitely do it! It isn't as expensive as you may think and you can afford to spend some money on self-care.

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