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Virgo Horoscope - Thursday, December 17, 2020: You will be great at solving conflicts

You will become nostalgic today and you will miss those relatives who aren't here anymore


You will have some tense moments at home today, Virgo. However, you will realize that you have been a bit unbearable at some point. You can be egocentric sometimes and you think that your problems are more important than anybody else’s.

Some behaviour from your other half that used to make you laugh in the past will annoy you today. Has the way you look at this person changed? Aren’t you happy in your relationship anymore?

Those natives who are single need to bring closure to a story from the past that won’t let you move forward. Stop pitying yourself and start equally listening to both your heart and your mind.

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The professional atmosphere will receive very good vibrations. Communication will be very positive. Now  you will be able to transmit thoughts and ideas that you didn’t dare to express before because you thought nobody would listen to you.

This will make you a very important figure when it comes to mediating conflicts. You will find a middle ground between two opposed positions and you won’t have to force anybody to change their opinion.

You are becoming more and more ambitious every day. You may consider purchasing a house that represents your current position or maybe you will be tempted by a company that will promise better conditions than the ones you have right now.


There’s something that doesn’t sit well on your stomach. Do you know all your allergies or intolerances? This could be the source of this problem!

Christmas is around the corner and you’ve become a bit nostalgic these days. You will miss family or friends who aren’t with you anymore.

However, you will still feel their presence with you. They will bring you their support from the other side. Maybe you will be reminded of them in a song on the radio, or when you smell an unusual aroma that will bring you back to a different time in your life.

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