Virgo Horoscope Monday 2020

Virgo Horoscope - Monday, August 17, 2020: You'd better be safe than sorry

This 2020 we all have learned that we need to enjoy the present as much as we can


You are a little bit sensitive today. You feel quite unprotected and you’re feeling an emotional rollercoaster. One minute, you are happy and full of illusion and the other, your mood starts to decay. You will drive everyone mad.

Virgo, pay attention to this: the universe hasn’t decided to boycott your happiness. You are the one who doesn’t seem to love yourself at all (even if you don’t want to admit it).

This Monday you will have the chance to have fun and feel the warmth of your loved ones so give in to this happiness. Remember that every minute is unique and irreplaceable. This 2020 we all have learned that we need to enjoy the present as much as we can.

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The planetary impulses will favour business in particular, especially if you work in the area of IT or electronics. You will be very quick and professional with your responsibilities and will have plenty of time to help the workmates who need a hand.

You will feel satisfied with your successful performance at work but bear in mind that some might get jealous.

If there is anything you don’t know how to do, don’t hesitate and ask all the questions you need. You prefer to ask a lot of questions at the beginning rather than doing something wrong.

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You enjoy a good balance between your mind and body. You will feel spiritually free from the moment you wake up. Your complexes and fears have gone away and you feel lighter in your movements.

If you want to have a completely excellent Monday, you only need to stayhealthy. Eat wisely and mindfully, avoid smoking, and try not to drink alcohol. You can do it today, it’s just 24 hours!

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