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Virgo Daily Horoscope for Friday, September 16th, 2022

Virgo, some around you don't deserve you


Virgo, the stars give you energies to fight against your emotions. Any romantic relationship you start right now will be doomed to failure. And you've known why for a long time.

You dare not admit it, but an ex-partner is still in your heart. As long as you continue to be hooked on the memory of them, you won't be able to freely enjoy the love you deserve.

Maybe you could visit a psychologist to help you deal with this grief. You can overcome it!

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The Daily Horoscope knows that you'll vibe very high in economic matters, Virgo. Second-hand sales could help you more than you think when it comes to readjusting your financial situation. Today will be ideal to clean your home of what you no longer need.

There are many apps for buying/selling second-hand items. You could make a lot of profit if you choose to do business through them. In these circumstances, any option is good.


Virgo, you'll have a disagreement with your boss today. Although it may not seem so, the fact that you're caused so much trouble is beginning to take its toll on you. Their enormous demands often affect you and your performance.

You feel that you can't go on like this, and you need to find your place. Just because you're in an inferior position doesn't mean you deserve inhumane treatment. Try to talk it over as soon as possible.


Virgo, an outing in the fresh air with your friends will renew you completely. You need to get rid once and for all of the stress caused by routine. Get rid of bad energies.


Virgo, you seem to be an expert at wasting time. You don't know how to take advantage of your days off properly.

Instead of focusing on your problems, you should take advantage of the day to take a break from all. Do an activity that brings you life and helps you switch off from the daily obligations. Take it seriously.