Virgo Horoscope Thursday 2020

Virgo Horoscope - Thursday, July 16, 2020: You won't sabotage yourself

You believe you haven’t met the right person for you yet but you will definitely have fun


Those around you will feel like has some dark shades. However, you’re ready to fill their life with beautiful colours! Happiness is your goal and nobody can stop you from getting it today!

Life can be really hard sometimes. In the past, everything seemed easier to achieve but with the passing of time, everything has changed. You’ve got stronger and you’re proud of the person you have become.

If you’re single, you will be a bit careless today and won’t be too involved in your latest conquests. You believe you haven’t met the right person for you yet but you will definitely have fun before this person arrives in your life.

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You will focus on your own successes and you won’t let yourself sabotage everything you do again. You will be able to silence that little devil that whispers you’re a fraud, that you don’t deserve your success, and that you will never get to the top.

You’re determined to show yourself – and the rest of the universe – that you’re a capable person with great potential and that you can achieve excellence through your hard work.

Your self-esteem will increase. This will be particularly true for those Virgos who are preparing a very difficult exam. Nothing is impossible for you!


It will be a very quiet day. You could try new exercises that improve your flexibility, particularly your arms and legs.

Your health is really good right now and the worst thing that could happen to you today is a slight neck or back pain. Anyway, just ask for an appointment with a masseuse and get rid of any contractures that are bothering you.