Virgo Horoscope Thursday 2020

Virgo Horoscope - Thursday, October 15, 2020: Forget the mistakes of the past

Whatever you do, laugh and have fun with your loved ones because laughter is a healing balm for the soul


You’re becoming more indulgent with yourself, Virgo. You will forgive mistakes from the past and you will stop feeling guilty. You are becoming free and relaxed because you know you must live the present.

If you’re single, you will talk openly about your last romances. You’ve realized that the most beautiful thing about love is sharing it with others. The love stories that you can’t tell with anybody aren’t as exciting in the end.

This Thursday is the perfect day for those who have been dating someone for a while finally introduce them to their family. Maybe it’s not what your parents or children expected from you but they will offer you a positive reaction.

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Today is a day of reflection for Virgos at work. You have many decisions to make regarding your job and your finances and you shouldn’t rush into any of them. Your own experience tells you that some mistakes can affect our whole life.

You will have to analyse the information objectively: avoid asking for too many opinions – friends or family – because everybody will give you a different point and you will end up feeling even more confused.

If you work from home you will have to deal with some obstacles you didn’t expect at all and you were definitely not prepared for. However, you will be great at improvising.

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You know how to take care of yourself and this is what will help you see progress regarding your health. If you’re dieting or you go to the gym, you will soon start hearing compliments from your friends: you’re doing a great job and everybody can see the results of your effort!

Find activities that boost your good mood. Maybe you love walking with your dog in the mountains, playing with your nieces at the beach, or simply watching your favourite comedy at home. Whatever you do, make sure you laugh. After all, laughter is a healing balm for the soul.