Virgo Monday on a sky background

Virgo Horoscope - Monday, March 15, 2021: Enjoy this day – you deserve it!

The key to obtain the best benefits in your love life will be the ability to combine and mix – don't doubt it


Single Virgo, bear in mind that the perfect person will eventually come into your life if you really want it to happen. But don't start dreaming about a literary romance because this is real life.

You will have a special chemistry with someone whose age, social class, or culture is different from yours. The key to getting the best benefit in our love life will be the ability to mix and combine these differences, don't doubt it.

If you're in a steady relationship, you will be close together. No harmful planetary aspect will disturb your life. Enjoy this Monday, Virgo, you deserve it.

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You feel a little bit left apart in your professional life. Not many can understand what you're going through in your day-to-day.

You need to try to be in control of the situation even if sometimes someone could try to make you lose your temper. You do your thing, do what you believe is best, and ignore what other people think about it. Don't let anybody's opinion condition your life, your choices, and your evolution as a professional.

Take a look at your finances. Try to anticipate your next bills and the obligations you need to fulfill. And of course, make the most of your time – in the end, time is more important than gold!


Things will improve soon, Virgo. At some point today, you will feel full of energy and stamina. You feel like you're made of steel!

Make the most of this energy burst and carry out the tasks that you usually feel too lazy to do. Activity and dynamism are the best allies to fight the monotony that seems to suffocate us sometimes – and particularly nowadays with the current sanitary crisis.

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