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Virgo Horoscope - Friday, January 15, 2021: You're proud of what you have

It's time for you to understand that perfection doesn't exist in this universe


You will feel like showing off today, Virgo. You want to tell everyone about the beautiful things in your life – and you may even exaggerate some aspects of it so they look even more attractive than they really are. But don't forget that lies are easy to spot.

It's time you understand that perfection doesn't exist. Your partner, children, or family aren't any better than other mortals – or worse.  Actually, it's in the little differences where you will find beauty.

Are you a single Virgo? Then try to be coherent with your words and your actions. Don't promise anything if you know you can't do it, especially when it comes to love.

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You're a very intelligent person when it comes to certain practical things. Many around you will feel jealous of your quick thinking, even those who wish you well.

Your natural wisdom will help you develop new business projects with great efficiency. Your talent today will be speed and productivity and you won't feel comfortable with leaving things to improvisation.

Your critical thinking will be very fine and you will accept your weaknesses. You will do what you can in order to overcome them and you will try your best to adapt to any situation – even if they're unexpected!


You need some free time for yourself. You need to start doing anything that makes you happy and helps you develop.  This Friday, you will enjoy individual activities more than group ones.

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