Virgo Horoscope Monday 2020

Virgo Horoscope - Monday, September 14, 2020: Your personal relationships will be very simple and easy

You may not end the day with a possible candidate but you will be surrounded by new good friends


You will feel spoilt in terms of love today. This freedom will help you become a passionate Virgo with very strong feelings. You won’t be ashamed to show your feelings.

Your personal relationships will be simple, full of enthusiasm and harmony. You feel that connecting with others is easier and if you’re single, you may not end the day with a possible candidate but you will definitely end it surrounded by new good friends.

Apart from this, your perspective on things will also be a bit different. You will feel less materialistic than usual and you will appreciate this new maturity you’ve gained.

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The prediction for your professional life is very positive by the beginning of this week. Many good factors together will favour your professional growth. You will be one of the most disciplined signs of all – if not the most – and your focus will be excellent.

Take advantage of these favourable circumstances and put your accounts in order. You will see that some numbers don’t add up. You will find out why some things aren’t going as you expected.

This Monday 14th of September will be a particularly good day for those Virgos who are studying. Whether it’s a degree in university, public examinations, or any type of content, you will enjoy a good balance between your logical thinking and your memory.

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You will be able to rest and free your mind from worries and existential questions. If you truly need to switch off, you can even ask for the day off at work – if that’s what you really need.

Have a warm shower before going to bed. It will help you release the negative energy you’ve accumulated during the day.

You will feel attracted to religions and philosophical currents – particularly those of other cultures.

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