Virgo Horoscope Saturday 2020

Virgo Horoscope - Saturday, November 14, 2020: Listen to your sixth sense

Give in to pleasure: you know you can enjoy everything in life as long as you do it with moderation


This 14th of November will be a quieter day than usual for Virgos. If you want to, you can enjoy such a calm day with your partner and let them know all the ideas you've had recently – these ideas you think are crazy but you're dying to share. 

Talk about the projects you have in mind or you would like to carry out. Explain your deepest wishes and say what you desire.

If you're a single native, don't feel overwhelmed by your worries and regrets. Life is short and your intuition is very sharp. Listen to it and fill your life with joy!

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Are you working hard every day while others just enjoy and have fun without working much? Then you're lucky: you will be trusted with an important mission that will become the perfect occasion to show your value and your potential.

Show your initiative and combine it with with a certain discretion. Be diplomatic – you know how to – and feel confident. Success is guaranteed!

If you're lucky enough to have a day off, forget about your phone and enjoy your life. Ignore telephone calls or emails. Nothing is as urgent as to disrupt your day off!

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Don't be perfect today. Relax and be patient with yourself. This is how you can enjoy life. If you are too demanding every single day of your life, you will end up crazy! Think about it: there are certain things that end up being boring if you only aim for perfection!

Add something spicy to the healthy lifestyle you lead. Maybe you can make a change today and try something new that you usually consider forbidden.

You know that moderation is key and if you can find a balance, you will be able to enjoy everything in life. Give in to pleasure and spend a wonderful weekend full of experiences.