Virgo Wednesday on a night sky background

Virgo Horoscope - Wednesday, July 14, 2021: Today's conversation topic will be pregnancy and adoptions

You want to conquer the world and will be very loving to those who show you affection

❤️ Love

You recover old hopes, Virgo. This Wednesday, you'll connect with your inner child. You'll see life with fresh eyes again and believe that all your dreams can be fulfilled.

Therefore, the native of Virgo is eager to conquer the world. You want to give a lot of love to whoever wants your affection. Similarly, you'll be lucky to receive all that love back – and many times, multiplied by ten!

Some natives will deal with family-related issues such as a new pregnancy. Others will start gathering information to adopt a child or perhaps to foster temporarily.

💰 Money

There's plenty of dirty laundry in your workplace but that's nothing new under the sun. Every job and every company has something fishy going on. 

However, things going on in your own company must be kept secret. Don't get third parties involved nor give reasons to your rivals to criticize your company or your job. Don't follow your primal instincts because this could tarnish your reputation. 

Whatever messages you have to send, make them clear and specific. Leave the poetry to write a love letter to your spouse. At work, you have to go straight to the point and without double readings.

👩‍⚕️ Health

You'll be very efficient and will help other people improve their health and well-being. If there's a sick family member under your care, they'll be very lucky.

Check your schedule – you don't want to have an appointment with your doctor that coincides with your family obligations. Don't worry if it happens, rearranging your timetable won't be too difficult.

👍 Tip of the day

You don't need to spend much money on clothes in order to look well

⭐ Virgo Celebrities

The Virgo celebrities for the 14th of July are:

- Stephen King

- Mark Harmon

- Jada Pinkett Smith

🍀 Lucky numbers

Virgo, these are today's lucky numbers for you: 8, 9, 27 and 34.

🤝 Compatibilities

These are the compatibilities you need to know for this Wednesday:

Pisces and Sagittarius in Love

Sagittarius and Aquarius in Friendship

Sagittarius and Aquarius at Work

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