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Virgo Horoscope - Sunday, December 13, 2020: Someone with experience will help you with your problems

The areas of IT and telecommunications will bring you profit today, Virgo


Virgo, why don’t you start early with your New Year's resolutions? At least the ones regarding your love life. You and your partner should start talking about the next steps you want to take together during 2021  and you probably can start working on them right now!

Some marriages need new communication tools. A couples therapist can help you with your questions and doubts and will let you transmit your ideas and feelings with more confidence.

This Sunday won’t be a successful day for single Virgos when it comes to love and conquests – at least not in the way that you deserve it. Let things flow and don’t get obsessed with finding your other half.

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IT, telecom, and similar professional fields are the ones you should look at if you’re trying to set up a business. Your sixth sense when it comes to these areas is brilliant.

Someone with more experience will support you. They will help you make crucial decisions or carry out difficult negotiations with diplomacy and care. You will find very valuable help if you need it.

Be careful with your finances. Maybe it’s not the right time to think about holidays and leisure, but the savings that you need to start accumulating in case things don’t work well in the future.


Don’t believe everything you read, Virgo. There are many hoaxes and lies about recent scientific findings, health, and well-being that you can receive through websites or telephone apps. 

You should be more aware of your medication or treatment. This will be particularly true if you’re taking tranquilizers without your doctor’s prescription.

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