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Virgo Horoscope - Tuesday, January 12, 2021: You'll benefit from being sly today

Try not to take it personal when people criticise you – they want to help you improve most of the times


You will have mixed feelings regarding the affairs of the heart, Virgo. You may complain about some defects your partner has without being aware that you have them too! Try to be more critical with yourself and stop blaming others if you want to have a peaceful day today.

What's more, you don't handle criticism very well. You don't like it when people judge and analyse you and every time someone tries to help by criticising you in a constructive way, you take it personally.

Some natives of Virgo will have to stop feeling guilty at once. Forgive your own mistakes and you will be happy again.

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You feel that someone is trying you. Maybe it's a superior or a picky client. You will have to be sly when working and always try to fulfill the other person's expectations.

Your finances will have some open wounds: there are many bills you have to pay and some of the installments you have to pay don't seem to have an end.

At the same time,  you will find many options for purchase and you won't really know what to choose. This won't be an easy Tuesday when it comes to your financial life, Virgo!


The lack of physical activity makes us age prematurely. You should think of exercise as a synonym for eternal youth. No matter how simple it may be, any type of exercise will be appreciated by your body – especially if you tend to be sedentary.

You need to take advantage of the moment. For example, if you have a break at work, don't go out for the usual smoke. Try to go for a brisk walk or even ride your bike for some minutes if you can.

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