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Virgo Horoscope - Thursday, March 11, 2021: Try not to delude yourself

You don't want to live new adventures Virgo, you only want to strengthen your current relationship


You will focus today's efforts on your relationship, Virgo. You don't want to live new adventures but making the bond with your spouse stronger. If you do so, you will be able to enjoy what you have created during all this time you've been together.

You will close your door to past reproaches and will only look at the present. This is the only thing you want right now. You want to smell the roses without worrying about the thorns – these thorns that have hurt your heart on many occasions in the past.

If you're single, you will choose to accept things as they happen without delusions. You are about to fall deeply in love and when it happens, you will be perfectly ready for it.

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A series of delays at work will make you feel disappointed with someone who promised they would meet their obligations on time. Maybe you're waiting for a project that won't meet the deadline or maybe someone won't pay you on time.

Because of this, you should be cautious and try to be a bit frugal for a while. You will have to give up certain whims and be mindful of prices when doing your shopping list. Choose a good value for money but always try to choose cheap over pricy.

If you're careful with your expenses, things should be alright this month. You will only have difficulties if you spend more than you've planned.


Try not to engage in demanding physical exercises or try new sports disciplines right now. You are at risk of suffering an injury so make sure you stretch and don't do anything extreme.

You feel that our society values happiness over anything else and this can get you frustrated. Sometimes you feel good, sometimes you feel bad but you feel comfortable with this balance.

You know that your life differs from what you are expected to be according to films and books, and yet, you are happy the way you are.

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