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Virgo Horoscope - Friday, December 11, 2020: A new love renews your illusion

After a period of seeing your life in many shades of grey, you will start seeing life with pink tones again


A new love story will get you really excited, Virgo. This unexpected adventure has started completely unexpectedly and it helped see life through a pink lens again – after a period of time when everything was gray in your heart.

Everything is going well with this person who just entered your heart – and who seems to have their ideas clear and sees the universe from your same perspective. Virgo, you will definitely be one of the luckiest signs when it comes to love.

Those natives who are in a steady relationship will get too involved in the life of their partner. They will feel that you’re taking some of their private space. You should slow down a little bit in order to avoid conflicts.

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This 11th of December comes with good predictions and your professional life will be nice and full of harmony again. Your relationship with your bosses is full of complicity – although you won’t forget your position in the company!

Those who are starting a new personal project will focus all their attention on their work. This could make them forget their family and friends at some point.

Virgo, you will become a fashion victim and you could end up spending a great amount of money on expensive outfits to impress your family and friends this Christmas. But you already have plenty of clothes! You can be sophisticated and elegant by wearing something you already own instead of buying more. You probably even have some items you still haven’t worn yet!


It’s time you invest more in your well-being, even if it’s just an investment for the future. Anything you do today in order to look after yourself will pay off in the future when your face starts wrinkling a little bit.

You will think about the passing of time and you will establish new health goals and habits – sticking to them will be your new challenge!

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