Virgo Horoscope Sunday 2020

Virgo Horoscope - Sunday, November 1, 2020: Get ready for important money movements

You want to seduce so you will look after your appearance but don't forget your manners too


There are many confrontations in the air by the end of the week, Virgo. You will be the guilty part in some arguments.

You won’t be that diplomatic and you won’t measure your words this time. The Stars invite you to analyse what comments you make to your other half. If you don’t put on the right filter, you will create a tense environment that will be difficult to sustain.

Be careful with your comments. Otherwise, you will spend your days apologising and explaining yourself.

Single Virgo, you want to look after your appearance but you should also pay attention to your manners in order to be irresistible. Behaving in each situation is more attractive than you think.

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Your family life won’t be free from concerns on this first of November so make sure this doesn’t end up affecting your professional life. You will have to be extra careful and establish a barrier between your private life and the rest of the tasks you need to do during the day.

You can expect important movements of money for a project or a group expense. It could be connected to Christmas since they are really close right now!

Avoid lending money to friends you can’t trust. Some people ask for an inch and they end up taking a whole mile.

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Watch your calcium intake, Virgo. Especially if you suspect you could suffer from osteoporosis. Adding more cheese or yoghurt to your diet isn’t a bad idea after all.

You look really good, actually. You feel more flexible and you will be able to carry out some tasks you tend to postpone on other occasions.

You’re determined to shine and be in a good mood. This will be quite positive for those around you – especially if there’s someone whose Sunday looks a little bit blue. You will be their light today.

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