The Virgo sign

Virgo Horoscope - Monday, March 1, 2021: You will be passionate and sensual

You want to be as happy as you were in the past and have a stable love life


You feel a protective cape that covers your love life, Virgo. If you have had an argument this last weekend of February, you will have a chance to make up and open your doors to dialogue – even if you had been talking about breaking up!

You won't need much effort to improve your relationship, Virgo. You will be passionate and sensual and you can spend great moments of pleasure in the bedroom.

If you're a single native, you will be more anxious. You would like to be as happy as you used to be in the past and enjoy stability in your love life. Some natives will even consider contacting an ex-partner in order to give them a new chance and maybe things will work well this time, who knows?

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You should be as demanding with others as you are capable of resolving conflicts, Virgo. Don't expect other people to solve things that you know you would need months to deal with.

If you run your own company, you should be alert to your rivals' movements. The media mentions the word crisis more and more and you have chosen to become more cautious.

You don't have to be evil in order to achieve success, Virgo. But you do need to stop being so modest when you have to make important decisions regarding your professional future.


Your health will be stable today, Virgo. If you're recovering from an illness or an injury,  you will recover quietly both in a physical and psychological way. The weekend was a little bit wilder than most natives had expected at first.

You know what you need in order to be healthy. You know what places you need to avoid and what contacts you should stay away from – you don't need certain people in your life.

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