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Virgo Horoscope - Friday, January 1, 2021: Your independence will be very important for you

Leave room for improvisation, forget about the norm, and write your own rules


You will be a bit too diplomatic and conventional at some point, Virgo. This can make your partner feel a bit overwhelmed. You need to leave room for improvisation! Forget about the norm and dare to write your own rules together!

You know how to relax and when you do, you will be able to fill your home with a sense of humour. Common sense will be your best ally. Some families will receive great news: you can expect a new addition to the family in some months!

Single Virgo, you will feel a strong need for independence. This will be increased if you have other friends who are single too. One of your romantic interests might ask you to commit a little bit more and take your relationship further but this could clash with the idea of freedom you have right now.

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This sense of humour that will emerge in your family life will also become useful for those natives who have to work today. You will make your workmates happier and you will share the good vibes with your clients – if you have to work with them directly.

You will expect your kindness to be acknowledged – but don't exaggerate it or you could be mistaken for a clown who is only fishing for praise.

If the numbers of your household account don't add up, you should have an honest conversation with all the members of the family in order to find out what's going wrong. Of course, you need to be ready to admit your flaws too.


Your health shouldn't cause you any problem today. The only problem you can expect is a hangover if you celebrated too much yesterday night!

You will feel well as long as you eat plenty of vitamins and a vegetable-rich diet; this will help you find inner balance. Water sports will also be very interesting for your health. However, today won't be a particularly lucky day for those natives who compete in sports.

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