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Virgo Horoscope - Monday, February 1, 2021: Don't be too generous

You will enjoy the result of the efforts from the last weekend


All the love and surprises you gave your partner the last weekend have had great results, Virgo. But it's not over yet, you can still enjoy many positive and intimate moments this first day of the month!

The power of attraction between you and your partner is great and you feel llike the protagonist of a romantic novel. The sweet and loving moments in your love life are combined with hot and spicy chapters.

If you're single, you will become quite trivial. You won't give much importance to the disappoinments you've experienced. If you don't see birds singing from your windowsill today, you won't be too bothered: you can choose your own soundtrack.

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You will know how to channel your energy at work today. If you're starting your own business, you will receive good feedback from your clients. Those who have trusted you will be very satisfied and they will let you know.

Virgo, you're able to work in jobs where you are required the ability to think analytically. However,  today you will be very good at humanities and arts too.

Be careful with your kindness and generosity. These days you might feel like giving to others but if you don't limit yourself you might end up spending all your savings. There's a difference between helping those in need and forgetting about oneself.


The beginning of the month will be the perfect moment to look after your house. Empty your wardrobes, keep only the essentials – whatever you wear often and makes you happy – and give away everything you don't like or doesn't fit you anymore.

Deep cleaning your house and dusting is very important for your health, Virgo, especially if you have problems in the respiratory system.

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