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Virgo Horoscope - Tuesday, December 1, 2020: You will experience platonic love

You will have to make an extra effort in order to focus and make the most of every hour of the day


You’ve become a dreamer when it comes to love, Virgo. However, this isn’t as positive as you may think. You will chase platonic loves and illusions that are difficult to come true. Physical contact will just become secondary.

Some natives will feel something special for someone who lives in a different city and have only met online or through the social networks. And right now you believe that the idea you’ve created in your mind is better than reality.

If you have a partner, don’t ignore them today. Try to be honest with them if your day seems gray to you. This is how you will keep the situation under control.

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The Magic Horoscope predicts you will be a bit lost today. You don’t know what day it is. Is it December yet? Is it the last day of November?

Some natives will be too optimistic when it comes to deadlines. Maybe you have an exam, or you need to hand in a project.

You will have to make an extra effort and try to focus today. You need to make the most of every hour and every day. Your creativity can help you create a budget and you can even make really interesting creations for little money.


There are certain actions that are known to be good for your health which can become harmful if you overdo them during the day. Some examples are washing your hands or teeth, or clipping your nails.

Add some seafood to your diet, Virgo. Clams are a fantastic and delicious source of iron.

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