Virgo Horoscope Saturday 2020

Virgo Horoscope - Saturday, August 1, 2020: Fight and get the recognition you deserve

A very powerful energetic flow is running through your veins and you'll channel this power in order to get the best of you


A very powerful energetic flow is running through your veins and you will channel this power in order to get the best of you. You want to enjoy this weekend and you will be able to love unconditionally and with all the intensities.

You’re surrounded by a very trustful environment. You only perceive balance and harmony around you. Sometimes, you wish you could stop the time and treasure this moment forever.

Many single Virgos could be playing a seduction game that will end up in a deep relationship that they didn’t expect. Enjoy what you have because you never know. Maybe the person who started walking this journey with you will be the one who stays with you for life.

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You feel a bit invisible at work, Virgo. You know you have a lot of virtues to offer and your unique vision can make some current projects more sophisticate. However, your voice can’t be heard.

You feel that those in your sector don’t really want you there and don’t seem to appreciate this gift that makes you have your distinctive personality. Some Virgos will consider changing jobs in order to find something where they feel more validated.

Apart from this, something of great value could upset you today. Your car may just break down when you most need it or your connection may fail when you’re writing very important emails.

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You need to work on your balance and your flexibility. If you have to do exercise, make sure you warm up before starting. This will prevent you from suffering injuries during the game or session.

You also need to watch your health in the kitchen. Avoid food poisoning by cooking your food thoroughly – especially fish and meat. The heat will kill any dangerous bacteria.

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