Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Virgo Monthly Horoscope: February 2023

Virgo, choose to lose yourself in a paradise

Virgo, your Monthly Horoscope recommends that you let your hair down. February is full of surprises. Keep reading and discover all the news for your zodiac sign.


Virgo, this month, don't let your perfectionist tendencies ruin magical moments in love. In the sentimental sphere, your other half deserves your undivided attention.

What could be more important? Your intentions are noble, but you must let go of control.

Don't get lost in the details, it's the company that matters. If the cake is burnt in the oven, take the opportunity to have a good laugh. Those memories will be priceless.

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The Monthly Horoscope predicts a triumphant entry of the year, Virgo. As far as money is concerned, your caution translates into a healthy economy. It's time to abandon yourself to the pleasure of the senses.

Honor your love of nature with a getaway to a natural paradise. Book a few days off to enjoy yourself, remember that time is the greatest luxury offered by the universe.


Virgo, your Horoscope encourages you not to be so hard on yourself. Remember that Rome wasn't built in a day. Your critical nature won't let you overlook the slightest mistake.

You like to calculate every detail, but don't underestimate the value of spontaneity. Learn to nurture your spirit, and forgive your mistakes as if you were a child.

The year that begins comes with numerous work successes. You just need to have a little patience.


Virgo, on the level of friendship, this month you'll be the angel that restores harmony among your group of friends. 

Venus entering Aries on the 20th will awaken the energy of impatience. But you can relax. The situation won't get any more serious because you'll be there to appease tempers.


Virgo, this month the stars point to the stomach. Listen to your deep intuitions, and remember that the gut is your second brain.

Close your eyes and visualize a yellow light emanating from your solar plexus, at the level of your navel. This will help you restore your inner balance.