Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Taurus Weekly Horoscope: February 6th - 12th, 2023

Taurus, awaken your business instinct

Taurus, your Weekly Horoscope has wise advice ready for you. Dare to decode the mysteries of the universe with your prediction up next.


Taurus, it's time to bring out the big guns in love. If you're head over heels in love, you should say it out loud. Go for it! The Stars are on your side.

Remember that we only regret what we don't dare to do. What's there to lose? Scream 'I love you' with every ounce of strength you've got.

If you're in a steady relationship, don't get comfortable with the routine.

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Your Weekly Prediction backs up financial investments, Taurus. When it comes to fortune, as Mercury enters Aquarius on Thursday, you'll experience unprecedented mental clarity. Your business instinct will be more awake than ever.

It's time to take intelligent action. You have to become a bull's gambit, predict your rival's moves and step ahead with a masterful move. The keyword to remember is 'strategy'.


Your Weekly Horoscope encourages you to set personal boundaries, Taurus. Around work, the warmth of your earth sign brings colleagues closer to you. It isn't wrong to offer emotional support, but don't go too far taking liberties.

Your honest smile, if paired up with sweet words, could make room for misunderstandings. For your sake, try to keep your distance and you'll avoid future awkward situations.


As far as friendship goes, get ready for some rescuing, Taurus. This week, a friend's careless behavior could get them in real trouble. Don't hesitate to offer your help, but set a clear, firm limit too.

Make sure your safety remains a top priority.


Taurus, the Stars predict that your blood levels will be off. It wouldn't be too bad an idea to get a check-up. If you have anemia, it's time to get to work.

Add iron-rich foods to your diet more often. Legumes, spinach, or eggs will make your vitality come back stronger.