Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Taurus Weekly Horoscope: February 27th - March 5th, 2023

Taurus, holding your hand is the most comforting feeling of all

Taurus, your Weekly Horoscope will provide you with the guidance you need. Find out what the Stars have prepared for you these next few days. Keep their precious advice under lock and key.


Taurus, the dreams you feel are part of your reality are messages from the Stars. Don't feel desperate about having to start over in relationships. If you're being offered a second chance, cling to it and don't let go.

Where is your heart going? Your concept of love grows and evolves.

If you're single, don't rule candidates out. Devote your soul to honest communication. With Pisces ruling over the zodiac wheel, emotions will run high all week long.

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The Stars will be blunter than ever this week, Taurus. Your zodiac sign has the keys you need to succeed in a business endeavor. Don't worry, because your star guides have your back and won't allow you to trip over the same stone twice.

Be open to receiving divine signals, and give up on your attachment to Earth. The Pisces season is offering you the gift of intuition, so be thankful and embrace it. There is a very fine line of balance between material and spiritual goods.


Your Weekly Horoscope is focusing on clearing up misunderstandings, Taurus. Professionally speaking, the entrance of Mercury into Pisces on March 2nd could create conflict. Be subtle in personal relationships, and don't thrust in with your bull's horns.

This astral process is boosting the connections with spiritual skills, such as telepathy. Listen to your gut; the voice of the unconscious is never wrong. Over the next few days, explore your artsy side more deeply.


Your mission in friendship this week is to be a mediator, Taurus. Your philanthropic heart is dying to help those around you. The Stars are clear about it: follow your hunches.

Behind a cold front, a close friend could need your help. Holding your hand will be the most comforting feeling of all.


Taurus, this week, it's time to grow some healthy dietary habits. When it comes to health, eating is your biggest pleasure. You should boost quality rather than quantity.

You're not being asked to forget about your whims, but you should control your boundless gluttony.