Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Taurus Weekly Horoscope: February 20th - 26th, 2023

Taurus, reinforce your leadership position

Taurus, your Weekly Horoscope has endless possibilities ahead. Find out what fate has in store for the next few days. The Stars have the answers you were looking for.


Taurus, as Venus settles over Aries this week, these days will be filled with frenzy. In relationships, the flames of passion will eat you alive.

If you're dating, give in to the adventure of living for the day, because star transition will speed up events all over.

If you're single, chase after the spark inside you. Your animal instinct will lead you in the right direction. The Pisces season encourages you to flow with emotions and unfold your wings.

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Your Weekly prediction foresees a stage of good luck in business, Taurus. Financially speaking, your image conveys authority. Your power of persuasion will be reinforced with every word you say.

If you want to get a loan approved, now is the right time. The Stars also foresee powerful alliances. With Pisces taking over the zodiac wheel, the focus will be on emotions and feelings.

Don't stop your mind from taking action, and reinforce your leadership position.


Your Weekly Horoscope advises you to keep ideas under lock and key, Taurus. When you're at work, keep your plans for business expansion a secret. The Stars can feel a series of dark energies ready to bring your mood down.

You don't need any partners, because your drive is unprecedented. Believe in your dreams with all the power your heart can gather, your steps are being led by the Stars above. Make sure it's all tied together before announcing your new project to the world.


Your advice won't be lost and gone with friends, Taurus. Don't get stressed about how events are turning out. Your words will be more accepted and welcome than you expect.

Respect your friends' processes and timing, because, in the end, the truth always comes out to shine bright.


Taurus, watch your fat intake this week. Your foodie nature leads you to experience the world through your taste buds. Eat more seasonal fruit and vegetables, and reduce your intake of processed foods.

Don't go too far with wine or chocolate.