Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Taurus Weekly Horoscope: February 13th - 19th, 2023

Taurus, you have the blessing of the Stars this week

Taurus, your Weekly Horoscope is focusing on feelings. Valentine's Day and the start of the Pisces season foresee days filled with excitement. Don't miss out on a single detail.


Taurus, this week you'll be the target of Cupid's arrows. In relationships, you should enjoy Valentine's Day with your partner in hand. Give yourself away to a passionate day boasting your natural sensuality.

Don't forget to prepare a romantic environment, because foreplay is important. A nice glass of champagne with strawberries and candles… Your charm is irresistible.

If you're single, the Stars will bring an encounter blessed by the universe.

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Your Weekly Prediction encourages you to let go of limiting beliefs, Taurus. Financially speaking, you shouldn't block yourself out. You can get whatever you want, that's what your zodiac sign says.

Pay attention to February 18th and the arrival of the Pisces season. It is the start of a cycle ruled by emotions. The water kingdom will wash away all the worries in your mind.


Your Weekly Horoscope foresees a week filled with achievements, Taurus. Celebrate every small victory at the workplace. Take a look back… Remember where you were a year ago?

Don't feel down, because you've made significant progress. The bull representing your sign knows perfectly where it goes. You may not be the quickest, but you have an unbreakable spirit.

This week, you've got the blessing of the Stars behind you.


This week you'll be surprised whenever you least expect it, Taurus. In friendship, you'll be celebrated like the great presence you are. Your friends will show you how much they appreciate you being around.

It'll just be a symbolic move, but their intentions will warm your heart.


Taurus, watch your weight gain this week. Don't give in to the pleasure of boundless chocolate. Control your sweet tooth, or take away all temptations from your storage room.

You have to remember the difference between a little whim and a limitless addiction.