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Taurus Weekly Horoscope for 8 – 14 March 2021: Budding romances will blossom

You'll love yourself more, and you won't hestitate to compliment yourself


Romantic understanding won’t be Taurus’s strong suit, at least during the upcoming days. Your reputation for stubbornness will be a very accurate depiction of reality. You should, therefore, control your particular sense of humour and reduce your selfishness.

The fleeting romances single Taurus have recently had might stretch out throughout this week. If you like this person you’ve been seeing, you should be brave and put your heart on the line.

A small scar has been created in marriages, and it seems like destiny isn’t going to help bring your paths together again. So you’ll have to take the first step and humbly apologize for what you’ve done wrong.

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Are you in a precarious job situation? Then you should update your knowledge and be careful when requesting a new job or an improvement in the one you have. Be elegant to avoid being branded a troublesome person.

In many cases, politeness, good manners and a smile become your best tools to get a good job. Stay positive.

Have you updated your work schedule? Double-check your upcoming appointments, as some things won’t go as planned; you’ll be unintentionally reckless. It might be your memory, which isn’t as sharp as it used to be.


The insecurities you’ll drag will be a lot lighter. This week you’ll have enough mental power to fight against your inner demons. The word “impossible” disappears from your dictionary and you even dream of reaching the sky.

You’ll love yourself better, you’ll enjoy your reflection in the mirror and you won’t hesitate to compliment yourself.

You’re doing a good job to achieve an improved version of Taurus, and this reflects on your body, which will nearly free from health problems.

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