Purple Taurus sign on a dark purple background

Taurus Weekly Horoscope for 7 – 13 December 2020: Be moderate with your carefree attitude

The sequel is rarely better than the original, but there are exceptions


There aren’t any huge catastrophes in your horizon which will arise due to external agents; in any case, you’ll cause your own problems of the heart, having such a careless attitude towards the person who loves you best.  So, start looking past your own nose then.

Don’t underestimate even the smallest difficulties, Taurus. Listen to the advice given to you by your relatives, when it comes to conjugal matters, as they know exactly what they’re talking about. Others will receive mediation from your closest friends.

If you’re single, you’ll be tempted emotionally by someone you already know and with whom you might even have been intimate in the past. The sequel is rarely better than the original, but there are some rare exceptions. Give it a whirl, put your heart on the line.

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If you’re imprudent at work, the consequences will be relatively dire; you’ll have to multiply your energy and humility tenfold. The thing is, in good faith, some of your colleagues or supervisors will fix your slip ups (and you won’t take it kindly).

Despite your great desire to spend recklessly (with the excuse of the upcoming festivities, although you always have an excuse) you should still try to save some money and tighten your belt.  Check your bank account balance often, there might be some unpleasant surprises.

You want to be like the grasshopper form the fable, to be carefree and dedicate yourself entirely to leisure, but the best thing for you would be to be like the ant, and to save up for a rainy day.


Try not to overeat these days and be moderate with your intake of alcohol and other exciting drinks. Your body is asking you to stop a little.

This is a very good week for those planning on expanding the family; if you don’t want children, then you’ll have to take the necessary precautions to avoid surprises in nine months.

On a mental level, you’ll be very focused on your private life, you don’t want many people knowing who you like or what sorrow you carry in your heart. Try to open up a bit more, Taurus, you really need it.

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