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Weekly Horoscope for Taurus for 6 - 12 June 2022

Taurus, devote more time to those who really deserve it


Taurus, you should spend more time with family. Even if you're living together, perhaps your contact with them is on bare minimum. Try to make room every once in a while to spend time together and ask them often about how they're doing.

Your duty keeps you constantly busy, but that doesn't mean you can or should get isolated from the world. Don't turn down family lunches or other commitments just because you're lazy, Taurus.


Taurus, this week you should take a look at how you manage money. If you think you can perfect it to optimise your finances, don't just stand where you are.

Explore new ways to face those obligations that can become so complicated to handle. Just because your strategies have worked thus far doesn't mean they can't be improved.

Be receptive to the advice you get and listen to suggestions from those around you. Who knows, they could even be your guide to find the tactics that fit you best.


Taurus, you'll have to face your fears head on this week. There's ideas from the business world that make you absolutely terrified.

However, you shouldn't consider them more important than they really are. Some aren't as serious as they seem, and there are those that won't even come around that often.

In the end you'll get exposed to what you choose, but the more fears you overcome, the better. You'll feel much more able and will take a considerable growth in your career.


Taurus, unfortunately, illnesses always seem to be the norm at some point. If a virus spread among your friends and acquaintances, you'll have to be more hygienic than ever before.

Try to stay away from crowds and always have disinfection material available on you. It may be hard at times, but you should do what you can to avoid catching it.


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