Taurus Horoscope Weekly 2020

Taurus Weekly Horoscope for 5 – 11 October 2020: You'll toy with the idea of starting from scratch

You'll enjoy a certain magnetism that will attract fortune and good luck, but from a realistic standpoint


The beginning of the week will be calm, stable, even up to levels where you might feel bored; fortunately, towards the middle of the week things will no longer be monotonous and passion and strong feelings will be back on the table.

In some homes where there are more storms that birdsong, Taurus will dream of what their life would be like if they had the courage to leave everything and start from scratch, perhaps in a different city or country. Are you missing something out there?

Life is often an emotional roller-coaster, with lots of ups and downs.  Your sixth sense will tell you when you need to take a breath so you can scream with emotion a second later. If you’re single, try to smile more, show the world your joy.

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Initially, you shouldn’t experience any major setbacks; you’ll enjoy a certain magnetism to attract good fortune and luck but from a realistic standpoint. No one has invented a magic money tree yet, unfortunately.

The important thing is not to be passive in your professional life. You have to move, fight to improve your situation, seek new ways to grow.

Are you looking for a job? Get to work with energy and emotion, whether you're unemployed or looking for a new position. When one channels their illusion into what one does, the results are much more rewarding.

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You might notice some mild respiratory problems at times and, if this happens, a thyme infusion will do you a world of good.

This week stress will come and go in your life, and, as a result, you might forget some appointments, or you might struggle to understand the simplest of things.

When you manage to have a moment alone, you should meditate a little, lighting some incense at home, with open windows, to dissipate bad energies.

At the same time, you’ll be combating ageing in a natural way. Undergoing surgery is not in your plans.