Taurus Weekly on a sky background with shooting stars

Taurus Weekly Horoscope for 5 - 11 April 2021: You'll have brilliant mathematic thinking

You'll have to be very strong to avoid biting the apple and falling into different temptations


Temptation will be right around the corner every day of this week of April. You’ll be a somewhat weak Taurus when it comes to your feelings, and you’ll have to stay very strong to avoid biting the apple of temptation and abandoning reality such as you know it.

Either way, don’t forget that we all have secrets of the kind that should never be spoken. If you are overcome by temptation, double your discretion, as the walls have ears.

If you’re single, you should hide the characteristics which you consider to be your weakness. You’ll be very loyal with your concerns, but you’ll have a certain tendency to fall in love with complicated people (perhaps because they’re already in a relationship).

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In order to trim back some expenses this week, you should consider leaving your car parked at home and walking everywhere or using more sustainable means of transportation such as your bike.  It’s also a good idea to carpool with a colleague.

You’ll struggle to stay on top of your schedule over the next few days, as unforeseen events will pile on top of each other. At least no one will tear down your optimistic outlook on life, something that is highly appreciated during these troubling times.

Your self-discipline will be exemplary, especially if you work in telecommunications and IT, you’ll have brilliant mathematical thinking.


You feel full of health, the rest of the past weekend allow you to face a new 7-day period with recharged batteries.

Make the most of this state of wholesomeness and go out of a run at sunset or practice that sport which you loved and which you gave up due to laziness.

Your nights will be a bit tougher, you might have to face (minor) headaches, or intermittent insomnia. Try not to eat large dinners.

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