The Taurus sign in black on a sky background

Taurus Weekly Horoscope for 4 – 10 January 2021: Take a step towards your dreams

Start pursuing some of the goals you set at the end of last year; don't leave them for the future


You’ll have to fight against yourself, Taurus; this week you are trying to play the victim, and this won’t favour you at all. Stop thinking the universe has united against you, that there are those who enjoy watching you suffer.

If you want to, you could do a simple ritual to push away the bad vibes surrounding you in love and friendship; burn some rosemary or carry that good luck charm around with you. Channel all of your inner power.

You need to realize how much time you waste lamenting yourself; you should make the most of each day giving your spouse the complicity and affection they need and which they don’t know how to ask for. If you're single you should forget your individualistic side, you're not seeing reality with the clarity it requires.

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Only a few days of January have passed, make the most of all the tiem ahead to start walking towards some of the goals you set at the end of last year; don’t leave them for later or you’ll forget about them completely.

Especially when it comes to work. Think of how you’ll request that raise you deserve, or how you’ll ask your boss to change departments. Take a step forward to get closer to your dreams.

Some days you could set the goal of saving as much money as you spend; for example, if you buy a pair of trousers, you should then put in your savings account the same amount that you spent on them. This way you’ll have more awareness of how your money disappears.


Tidy up your schedule, take note of what your next doctor’s appointments are and get any documents your doctor might need for them (test results, x-rays...). Overcome your fear of hospitals, if you have one.

Try to create a relaxing atmosphere at home using scented candles (but make sure they’re natural; artificial ones can cause respiratory ailments).

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