The Taurus sign with a universe background

Taurus Weekly Horoscope for 30 November – 6 December 2020: Face your problems head on

In the upcoming days you'll be able to saw good seeds which will yield fruit by the beginning of next year


Romantic problems should be discussed face to face, otherwise you will appear like a cowardly Taurus, who chooses the back door in order to unleash tension.

Avoid complaining about everything, especially when it comes to your partner; evaluate carefully what you're saying, even if it’s said in jest, because your words and gestures won’t be welcomed by others today.

If you’re single, your characteristic Taurus magnetism will be somewhat dampened, and you won’t attract the person you like but, rather, people you’re put off by. The danger is that you’re more likely to prefer bad company over lovely solitude.

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Do you suspect that there are some aspects of your work which seem shady, that someone has been keeping something important from you?  This week you’ll be able to take the bull by the horns and make conduct investigations which will lead to the truth.

Your savings and expenses are no joke, therefore you shouldn’t try to turn a blind eye. Analyse every expense, and trace steps of colleagues you believe might be strikebreakers. The stars and your own intuition will guide you so you can do things in the best way possible.

That aside, this week which ushers in December will be quite predictable, and you might be able to sow seeds which will yield fruits during the beginning of next year.

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Your routine will mix with stress, of which you’ll experience more than you would have initially expected. You’ll have to be very disciplined to make the most of any free time you have. You shouldn’t relegate your hobbies and interests to the background, they’re also a part of you.

Plus, we foresee that the quality of your sleep won’t be great (some Taurus will experience bad nightmares) and this will impact your physical and psychological wellbeing.

Now that you know all of this, you should try to turn this week into a more positive week, where you allow good energies to come into your life and where you give rest the importance it deserves.