Taurus Horoscope Weekly 2020

Taurus Weekly Horoscope for 29 June - 5 July 2020: You'll seek romantic discretion

You'll create friendly bonds with people with whom you'll draft interesting business proposals


There’ll be a lot of thrill in the life of the single Taurus. You’ll be congenial with those you already know, and you might even take things further. You want to keep your love life discreet, at least at first.

Unfortunately, it won’t all be a fairy tale. At times your tongue will move faster than your brain, and you could say things you’ll regret (especially if you’ve been drinking, alcohol can make you too forward).

Generally speaking, your communication skills won’t be great during this week which welcomes the new semester.

If you're in a relationship, you might feel that you need more air, you won’t be able to stand the limitations, the routine, and you’ll want time complaining instead of looking for solutions.

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We expect positive situations professionally. The stars will put friendly contacts in your way, with whom you’ll draft interesting business proposals or projects, that could yield great profit (although not immediately).

To make negotiations successful you should cast nervousness aside. Respect shouldn’t become stiffness and coldness. Your smile plays a really important role when it comes to signing agreements, it makes the other party feel comfortable.

There’ll be dynamism in financial movements: you’ll have a lot of small incomings, and a good stack of bills to pay. You won’t manage to save anything, but your debts won’t increase either; this will be a small victory for many Taurus.


Take better care of the quality of your sleep.  Your body will demand that you go to sleep later than usual, but the next morning you’ll regret it as you’re getting dressed to go to work. Are you sure that what you want to do late at night can’t be done during less antisocial hours?

You’ll obsess over your physical appearance; you’ll find imperfections in your body and face which will bother you. The best thing would be to embrace the passing of time and loving yourself more, but your mind will make you dream of plastic surgery and touch ups everywhere.