Taurus Horoscope Weekly 2020

Taurus Weekly Horoscope for 28 September – 4 October 2020: You'll gain confidence and trust

You'll develop strengths you didn't even know you had; you'll be the most surprised party


You’ll end the ninth month of the year with good control over your emotions you know what place love has in your life, how without it you have reason or rhyme.  You won’t be afraid to show yourself just the way you are, to put your heart on the line.

Therefore, Taurus who are single or divorced will spruce themselves up before the mirror in order to woo that person they like. If you don’t have any love interests in mind, you can make the most of any opportunity to socialize, until you encounter a pair of eyes you’d like to see every morning when you wake up.

Within relationships there’ll be great social skills, you’ll show your other half some aspects of yourself which had been hidden up until now, and you’ll be very creative when it comes to sensual matters. Fireworks will be quite frequent in your bedroom.

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You’ll develop skills you didn’t even know you had; this week you’ll be the first one to be surprised by your new abilities (which might be closely linked to your true vocation which you've been suppressing). However, before you boast about them you should hone them a bit, get them up to scratch.

You’ll gain self-confidence and trust, and this will help you stand out in your company. If there is a reduction of staff, you’ll be safe from getting the chop.

Simultaneously, you’ll learn to demand some things which belong to you. Payment for overtime which you never received, or the return of valuable items which you lent to a friend and who never returned them.

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Fear will deprive you of some beautiful experiences.  You’re terrified of having your health, or that of your loved ones, crippled all of a sudden. You put your walls up so high that you can’t even see the sun.

You’ll be able to better connect with those around you if you show your vulnerability. Stop trying to project that everything in your life is perfect, everyone knows that everyone has their own problems.

It’ll also be a good week for those who want to start a weight loss diet (or a diet to gain muscle mass, if you’re going to the gym).