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Taurus Weekly Horoscope for 25 – 31 January 2021: You harbor utopic hopes in your mind

You're not worried about money, you're going through a moment of reaping rewards


Enhance the complicity with your beloved; you have to communicate more, recover the caresses you used to give each other in the past. You don’t have to make huge efforts, just go with the flow, Taurus.

If you don’t bring some sweetness into your relationship, tension will take over your home and only those whose relationships are truly solid will withstand the cataclysm.

If you’re a single Taurus, this week you’ll need to be very careful who you get your hopes up with and how high you get them, your optimism makes you think you’ve already won the war when, in truth, you only have a good approach. Your mind will be filled with utopic scenarios and you’ll long for encounters which, in truth, are very complicated or altogether impossible.

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In principle, over the next few days you won’t have to worry about money matters; you’re going through a period of reaping rewards, and you’ll receive very good news if you made risky investments some time ago.

At work you’ll be somewhat individualistic, you’ll do your thing and you will care only about your success.  You’re afraid of people you trust using you for their own benefit, as it may have happened in the past.

If you discover big betrayals, don’t hesitate to point out who’s to blame; make it clear to the world that if they want to deal with you they need to be honest.

Those who will be in a better position at work will be those who work in the area of food and gastronomy, your sixth sense will be very strong.


You feel somewhat distressed by the changes that have taken place around you.  There will be days where you’ll appear exhausted and downtrodden, and where you’ll need to rest more than usual (although not everyone will understand it).

Even if you struggle to believe it, working out will help soothe your central nervous system, you’ll especially benefit from swimming and any activities done in the water. Go to the swimming pool (or the beach) to release all that negative energy and oxygenate your neurons.

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