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Taurus Weekly Horoscope for 23 – 29 November 2020: You'll project great self-confidence

You'll be a somewhat frivolous person, you shouldn't forget that beauty lied beneath the surface


You know how to give inner beauty the importance it deserves, although this week you’ll be a somewhat frivolous sign, and you’ll get carried away by what your eyes see, rather than by the warmth of hearts. Play if you must, but don’t be deceived by appearances.

At the same time, this week you’ll be a very conceited Taurus, who will worry a lot about their appearance. Some will consider having a makeover and will do everything they can to get showered with compliments (especially if they’re currently single).

You’ll have to reel back the jealousy, if you're in a long-standing relationship. You won’t take kindly to your partner having friends or doing activities without you from time to time. Easy, there’s no reason to distrust their faithfulness.

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At work you’ll become a more sociable person, willing to talk about any conflicts, keeping professional and personal matters separate with a level of skill not everyone has. You’ll have good communication tools, and you’ll project greater confidence in your abilities.

High-ranking businesspeople will shine though their great people skills, which will allow them to bank profitable contracts, of the kind that make history.

Don’t throw in the towel if you’re unemployed; you need to keep going, only thus will you be able to re-join the job market. Talk to your relatives and friends, perhaps someone will be able to give you a letter of recommendation which could open better doors for you.

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Without being lousy, your health will have known better days during this month of November.  You’ll feel somewhat lost, time is passing by too quickly for you, and you can’t find your north.

You’ll have to improvise on the go when things go awry for you. Luckily, there’ll be well meaning people who will be willing to show you the way. Plus, some will be rather melancholy, perhaps because Christmas is approaching and during this time of the year, we remember those who are no longer with us.