Taurus weekly on a night sky background

Taurus Weekly Horoscope for 22 – 28 March 2021: You'll turn the page on your latest disappointments

You'll enjoy with the image you project to society (although some will deem you conceited)


If you’re single, this week you’ll see activities to break the monotony that sometimes overwhelms you (and even suffocates you).  You’ll turn over a new leaf on your latest disappointments, and you’ll be convinced that the sun rises every day for you.

You should keep your friends and relatives close, those who always manage to make you smile, even during the darkest times. You’re somewhat unaware of how magical your sense of humour is, and of how you can use it as a seduction weapon.

Married Taurus will also have good self-esteem; you’ll enjoy he image you project to society (to the point where some envious people will call you conceited). You’ll feel very close to your partner and will fulfil their desires without them needing to express them. You’ll know how to interpret what their soul is trying to say through their glance, or touch.

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We could say that the next few days will be the most satisfying of the whole month for your work matters. Some lucky Taurus will finally receive that salary raise they had been fighting for, or they’ll receive news about an imminent promotion.

Those who will shine brightest at work are those who work directly with animals or plants: veterinarians, gardeners, cattle farmers, farmers, nursery staff, among others.

You have good self-esteem, you feel you are remunerated in accordance with the job you do, and you’ll sort out some situations that had been causing you trouble for a while. You’ll find it very easy to complete your tasks.


Someone close to you will go through a tricky health moment, and this will be a valuable lesson to look after yourself better in your daily life. You should especially try to do exercises that increase your flexibility so you can be more agile.

You won’t like to exercise on your own, you’ll greatly enjoy good company. If you want to have people close to you who can give you a pep talk when you need it.

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