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Taurus Weekly Horoscope for 22 – 28 February 2021: You surround yourself with well-meaning people

You'll become very bold, and you'll do anything the person you like asks of you


Relationships become more solid and stronger; without noticing it or making an effort, you’re putting yourself in a very comfortable position which will be the envy of those who are bored and get angry at other people’s success.

Your spouse will start a conversation to create new rules. You’ll have to be smart and respect their desire for freedom, you can’t forbid them from opening up to new experiences. Trust in their goodness without asking for anything in exchange.

When it comes to the heart of the single Taurus, this last week of February you’ll become very bold and you’ll do anything the person you like asks for. With a good collection of beneficial influences, happiness is within your grasp and your love life will be very satisfactory.

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You’ll have to fight against laziness at work; if you cross your arms and watch life pass you by, you might lose a lot of money. So, snap out of it and get to work.

Try to smile more at work, even to that person you don’t like and who you wouldn’t speak to if it were up to you. Creating a good atmosphere will help make your days go by quicker (and your problems seem smaller).

You’ll be good at creating shared budgets; perhaps you could afford that pay-per-view subscription if you split the cost with some friends, for example.


You’re starting a week without complicated health matters; you’ll seek the support of well-meaning people who will steer you away from temptation and, with their words and advice, they’ll help reduce your anxiety levels.

The neck pain you feel at times is simply caused by stress and, if you relax, the discomfort will reduce surprisingly. Burning some incense at home will allow you to connect with your most beautiful essence.

You’re confident that you know your limitations, but you shouldn’t push yourself too much or you might have a nasty surprise. Be very prudent these days, especially if you practice extreme sports.

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