Taurus Horoscope Weekly 2020

Taurus Weekly Horoscope for 21 – 27 September 2020: Confidence is your best weapon

You have to pay attention to your friends and relatives, repay the love they give you


Taurus, you notice a tendency towards lack of communication around you, and also towards irritability.  You can either dig your heels in and make matters a lot worse or you can double your efforts to bring light into your love story.

You feel protected by your astral sky. You’ll feel great integrity and wisdom to sort out any conflicts, and patience will be one of your greatest virtues. You shouldn’t pay too much mind to the arguments, perhaps your spouse just needs to vent a little. They have their own problems too, Taurus.

Being attentive to your friends and relatives will be important. Return those phone calls you couldn’t answer, reply to their messages. If they checked up on you is because they love you and it’s only fair that you return the love they give you.

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This week you should try to keep an eye on those colleagues whom, you know, wish you harm.  The second you turn your back on them, they’ll try to pull the rug from under your feel and aim for your weakest points.

Therefore, the best tool you’ll have will be your self-confidence. Try to have a clean record and don’t make deals with shady people. Nothing will shine brightest than the truth.

You’ll learn valuable lessons from everything you experience, which will make you a stronger Taurus. Life is constant learning, and we must learn both from our experiences and from those around us.

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Anxiety will rear its ugly head this week, and it’ll manifest in annoying ways, such as constant itching, biting your nails or even grinding your teeth.

To fight against this, the best thing you can do is a workout session (or any other physical activity you like and which gets you moving, such as carpentry or gardening...).

You’ll also feel very comfortable in the water, the feeling of weightlessness when you swim can be very pleasant.