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Taurus Weekly Horoscope for 21 – 27 December 2020: Things fall back into place

End your relationship if it doesn't give you the satisfaction you deserve


This week is ideal to expel the ghosts of the past once and for all;  you’ll close the door on old loves that can’t seem to be forgotten for good. You want to be betting on the future, not wallowing in the remains of the past.

Likewise, Taurus might end their current relationship if it doesn't bring them the satisfaction they deserve. You’re not willing to waste your valuable time; the hardship of the last few months has made you see things from a different perspective.

Plus, you become very rigid with promises and you won’t tolerate your beloved going back on their word. At least the atmosphere in your family will be calm and, if there have been any problems, things will fall back into place.

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You feel quite in control at work, you suspect there are eyes and ears (or cameras and microphones) everywhere. As if someone were waiting to see how you fall into the abyss so they can publicly laugh at you.

In this sense, you should double your diplomatic skills with your bosses and supervisors, as well as with your biggest clients.

Some Taurus will think about making a positive change in their work life and will start circulating their resume in new companies; others will even change fields, forgetting their true vocation and banking on a position with a much larger salary.

You’ll have a very keen sense, however, when it comes to buying and selling second-hand items, as well as art and antique furniture.


Your diet says a lot about you; especially analyse how much time you sit at the table and whether you eat anxiously or with pleasure.  Perhaps stress is being channelled through your diet.

Taurus’s fertility will be heightened, and this week will be good to try for a baby, if you're thinking of expanding the family.

However, use birth control if you’d like to avoid a pregnancy (or if you’re playing the field; you’ll avoid unwanted pregnancies and STIs).

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