Taurus Horoscope Weekly 2020

Taurus Weekly Horoscope for 20 - 26 July 2020: A close friendship could take a turn

Your habit of being cold isn't positive, not for you nor for those around you


Break out of your hard shell, the one that makes you look like an steely Taurus, almost devoid of feelings.  Sometimes, even your partner doubts your feelings. This icy demeanour isn't positive, neither for you nor for those around you, and you must realize this before it’s too late.

You might use this because you’re living a secret romance or sighing over an unrequited love. Then this week you should double your efforts to achieve happiness. You’ll have to give less explanations than you think.

An old friendship will take a more intimate turn if you're a single Taurus, or you might even experience an irresistible attraction towards someone who has certain authority over you (your boss, professor, the manager of your bank branch...)

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You’ll know how to be enterprising and cautious at the same time, you won’t take unnecessary risks these days, you’ll only seek firm and safe proposals. Speculation isn’t your thing.

Jupiter will give you the desire and the ability to seize success, and Mercury helps you modify your professional activities, so they’re better aligned with your goals. Some will consider changing areas temporarily and such to others which are currently booming.

The combined influence of three planets will give you excellent profits this week of July, which will improve your financial situation.  You’ll be able to breathe easy, the water won’t reach your neck. However, you should keep an eye on your expenses; perhaps you might even encounter an unexpected fine.


To stay in shape, you should keep an eye on your back and neck.  Avoid lifting heavy things, whether it’s while moving house, at the gym or when doing your weekly shop; when you go to the shop always get a trolley, it’s better than carrying a thousand bags all the way to your house.

Try to do light exercise and when you face tough physical tasks stretch well to relax your muscles.

Remember that it’s better to eat fruit in its natural state than to juice it; especially try to eat fibre-rich foods.