Taurus Horoscope Weekly 2020

Taurus Weekly Horoscope for 2 – 8 November 2020: Your passion is enhanced

You've been living above your means, thinking that life is fleeting


This week you’ll have to control your temper and try to keep the genie in the bottle.  The stars show you as someone who's prone to envy and jealousy, Taurus, especially if you're currently in a relationship.

You’ll break your habit of discretion; you’ll open new doors and windows and you’ll let your happiness escape you without really knowing how to get it back.

At the same time, Venus enhances your passion. In your sex life you’ll be a steamy and passionate Taurus, who will welcome your other half’s naughty ideas. If you’re single, these days you’ll be able to write an important page in your love life, so try to look your best for when Cupid finds you.

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Over the past few months, you've been living beyond your means.  This 2020 has made you think that life is fleeting and that you have to enjoy yourself at all times, but you need to be moderate, Taurus.

If you don’t stop yourself, you’ll end up having to get a small loan from a relative or a friend so you can make ends meet for a while, something you’ll be ashamed of. Remember to always have some money set aside for unforeseen circumstances, such as having to change your car’s tires.

For this reason, you should think of working some (paid) overtime at work or try to find a second job that gives you some more cash flow. You could do house cleans, walk dogs, tutor children... There’s a wide range of options!

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It’s important for you to prioritize your diet. Plan your meals for this week, don’t be afraid to step into your kitchen.  You might be able to cook in big batches and freeze some of it, of vac-pack them so they can keep for a while.

The week will fly by so don’t postpone your plans overnight. You’ll never find the perfect moment to go to the gym or to meet your friends for a good football match.

Remember to warm up before exercising in order to avoid painful (and unnecessary) injuries.