Taurus Horoscope Weekly 2020

Taurus Weekly Horoscope for 19 – 25 October 2020: Personal honour will be above all

There'll be good news for those who are thinking of expanding the family


You’ll have to control your innate tendency towards conflict. You think the people around you, your partner included (or your beau) are trying to abuse your kindness. And in reality, none of this is true, you’re being tormented by illusions.

That distrust minimizes your magnetism, that special power you have to attract the most beautiful things into your life. You need new methods to counteract your potential aggressiveness. Your bad mood might push an interesting person away if you're a single Taurus.

In your family, some might have to bare their teeth to defend their child or a sibling who is going through a rough patch. For your personal honour is above all things.

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The stars will give you a hand to find a second job, even if only part-time, which will allow you to make a bit more money to get your accounts back on track. However, it’s important that you make an effort on your part to get the ball rolling.

Likewise, we foresee great fortune for those who have recently had a job interview, especially if it was in the field of education and training.

Those who are in real financial pickle, should consider selling some articles they have at home. Those little antiques which are gathering dust in the attic might easily become cash in hand if you find the right buyer.

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You’ll enjoy a week where you’ll have plenty of energy, and where you’ll have great mental clarity. Headaches and dizziness will be ancient history.

There’ll be good news for the Taurus who are thinking of expanding the family and having more children, especially if they’re undergoing fertility treatments or assisted reproduction.

In some homes the idea of freezing eggs or sperm will be evaluated, if you’re thinking about having children at some point in the future.