Taurus sign on a pink and orange sky with some stars behind it

Taurus Weekly Horoscope for 18 – 24 January 2021: Update your knowledge

You'll discover new tricks to spice up your relationships


Taurus will have a great need to be in the limelight throughout the whole week;  you’ll want to shine and seduce, have all eyes on you can fill your phone book with new contacts to have casual chats with (which could become racy at a given time).

You’ll benefit from the support of Venus, the goddess of love, which will increase your most intense desires and will teach you the tricks to spice up your relationships.

Harmony will reign in marriages if you both make an effort; forget the grudges which hold you back and keep you from being happy. And, if you’re single, know that you’ll be playing the field and won’t know which option you like best.

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Update your knowledge, all professional areas make great progress and you must not fall behind if you want to compete in the business jungle (where, by the way, there are many lions who see you as easy prey rather than a rival).

If you become complacent in the role, you’re in, you won’t be able to keep climbing the ladder towards success; don’t become stagnant and keep moving forward, even if it costs blood, sweat and tears.

Time can be a problem over the next few days, you won’t keep on top of your schedule and you might deliver a project late, or forget an important exam thinking that it was on a different day.


Water will be more beneficial than ever for Taurus, ditch sugary drinks and accompany your meals with water, always.  Likewise, when choosing a workout, you would greatly benefit from swimming, water polo or diving.

That aside, you’ll have some really calm days where you’ll find the peace you needed so much, seeking refuge in your secret garden. You’ll greatly value silence and you’ll realize that social networks and digital exhibitionism have more disadvantages than advantages.

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